Class Descriptions

We have two main class categories, Equipment and Mat Classes and each has is own pricing option. The intensity meter listing on each class will help to identify the approximate intensity and sweat level of each class.





Barre is a perfect balance of muscle-sculpting, cardio, and postural alignment. Come groove to our upbeat music while you rev up your metabolism, sweat and feel the burn! It is an empowering Ballet inspired workout for your whole body. Experience increased strength, coordination, and balance in this fun and challenging class. Hand weights, balls, and bands are often utilized. All levels, not recommended for acute knee or back injuries.


Barre Stretch

Barre Stretch is a beautiful fusion of Barre and Yoga. It creates a slow burn with a satisfying deep stretch and Savasana at the end. The use of the Ballet Barre in yoga postures can add a deepened understanding, balance, and alignment; it is truly the best of both worlds! Great for those who want extra time to focus on form, in both modalities, while still getting an incredibly well-balanced workout! This low impact class will leave you feeling refreshed and renewed. All levels, small props often utilized

Pilates Basics
The instructor will focus on the six essential movement principles while you execute Pilates mat exercises at a beginner level.  This is a slower-paced class with time to truly absorb how to perform the exercises with optimal alignment, focus, and muscular engagement. You will work to balance strength, flexibility, and control in all muscle groups. Classes will blend the classical Pilates exercises with variations, props, and lightweights.  No previous experience is required to join this class. 

Pilates Mat
Is a modern take on the classic Pilates mat workout, incorporating various props, lightweights, and contemporary variations of the exercises. You will increase core strength, flexibility, balance, and endurance. Exercises are presented at multiple levels, which will allow you to choose to work at a beginner, intermediate, or advanced pace.  You will develop a strong core, sculpt long lean muscles, develop healthier movement patterns, and feel strong. Appropriate for all levels.

Pilates to the Beat

A more pumped up, music-driven version of our regular Pilates Mat class. Join Dara as he leads you through a dynamic Pilates Mat class with pumpin' tunes to keep you motivated. 

Pilates Calm 
Is a fusion of Mat Pilates and mindfulness techniques. You can expect roughly 40 minutes of intentional Pilates with a focus on how it feels in your body.  The class then moves to gentle stretching, and a savasana with a short meditation to leave you feeling clear, balanced and grounded

for your day. 

Pilates Barre
We have taken two of our greatest loves and melded them together. Pilates Mat exercises are brought upright at the Barre, Barre moves brought down to the floor, and everything in between…we know you will feel the love, and burn too! This class is an exceptional fusion that provides variation, alignment focus, and a sweaty good time!  All levels, not recommended for acute knee or

back injuries.


Pilates Stretch
Combines contemporary variations of Pilates mat exercises with Hatha Yoga. You will increase core strength, flexibility, and balance. Exercises are presented at multiple levels. Although the two modalities are blended throughout, you can expect to have more Pilates at the beginning and more Yoga at the end, with a short Savasana to leave you feeling clear and calm. Beginner-friendly class.


The Triple - Yoga, Pilates, Barre
This is an incredible movement buffet for those who just can’t decide! You will move through Barre, Pilates, and Yoga in this upbeat and stimulating class. Focus is on alignment, fun, and a progressive challenge! The three modalities will be blended together but you can expect more Barre in the beginning, Pilates in the middle, and Yoga at the end. This class will leave you feeling thoroughly worked, balanced and clear.


Flow Yoga
This class is a great middle-ground between Vinyasa and slow flow yoga! Rhythmic waves of breath lead you in this dynamic and active practice.  You will combine flowing Yoga sequences with periods of stillness. Meeting you where you are now, you will be challenged and inspired to explore your full potential and find balance. Every sequence is a progression to guide you with attention to detail and alignment. Often weaved in at your teacher's discretion are yogic teachings, poetry, quotes, and music that help inspire balanced energetic states of consciousness.  Class is suitable for all levels.

Slow Flow Yoga
Slowing down your practice helps maintain controlled breath, build focus, and find the space between the postures. Explore an increased mindful connection to oneself. You will experience fewer transitions than a Vinyasa or Flow Yoga class and focus on deeper openings. Enjoy a longer meditation/Savasana at the end of your class. Class is suitable for beginners and all levels.

Yin Yoga
Yin yoga is a peaceful, quiet practice where you are encouraged to move deeply inwards. This practice merges the ancient teachings of Yoga with meridian theories taught in Chinese Medicine.  Yin postures are held for three to five minutes to allow your body time to move into deeper connective tissues. This practice is wonderful for improving overall mobility, range of motion, and to reset from the pressures of our daily lives. Leave feeling tranquil, open, and clear.  All levels welcome.

Restore Yoga
Is a supremely relaxing practice that combines elements of Yin and Restorative Yoga.  Yin Yoga holds stretches long enough to move into connective tissues. Restorative yoga, on the other hand, is a practice that uses props to be fully supported and very little to no stretch is felt. This is to provide total body relaxation and support. Combining the two allows you to get the incredible benefits of both in this extremely peaceful, rejuvenating practice.  All levels welcome 

Springboard Pilates
This class uses a wall-mounted Springboard apparatus and elements of Pilates mat for a brilliant full-body workout with resistance.  We apply a range of spring tensions to tone muscles and challenge core stability. Springs move individually, instead of as a pair. The separate springs emphasize asymmetries, as you challenge your extremities independently. The springboard creates infinite functional movement combinations that are certain to challenge both newbies and seasoned Pilates devotees alike. You will learn about your body and feel stronger after our Pilates Spring classes!

Reformer Pilates
This class is a MUST TRY! The instructor utilizes the amazing piece of Pilates equipment, called the Reformer. The classes are small in size to ensure you receive exceptional instruction, intelligent sequencing, and personalized feedback every single time!  Our state of the art reformers use spring resistance, infinity footbars and specialized props for targeted strengthening, stretching, and to maximize your body’s potential. Class is suitable for all levels.

Reformer Pilates Level 2

This class requires is for pre-approved clients that have been approved by Dana or Ashley. Level 2 Reformer will offer clients more challenges and bigger movements. For acceptance into this class please email

Reformer Jumpboard Pilates
Expect a high energy, calorie-scorching, sweat-inducing, and exceptionally enjoyable experience! This class uses a padded Jumpboard at the end of our Allegro 2 Reformers similar to how you would use a trampoline.  There are intervals of jumping broken up with regular Reformer exercises to create a well-balanced workout. Using the Jumpboard will create low impact, leg-burning, core strengthening, and heart-pumping sequences that are appropriate for intermediate and advanced fitness levels. Not suitable for acute ankle, knee, or back injuries.

Reformer Pilates Stretch
Experience the renewing effects of this mindful flexibility-oriented class. You will complete a thorough warm-up before moving onto informative and carefully crafted sequences to improve your overall flexibility. You will use the Reformers variable spring tensions to tailor individual stretches with control and precision. Take this opportunity to slow down, find stillness, release tension, and encourage tight muscles to release.


Springboard Pilates Barre
We combine the fun, flow, and burn of our Barre classes with added resistance from our wall-mounted Pilates Springboards.  The springboard, adds varied spring tensions to tone muscles and challenge core stability. Springs move individually, instead of as a pair. The separate springs emphasize asymmetries as you challenge your extremities independently. Feel graceful, toned, and balanced after this unique combo class! Appropriate for all levels, not recommended for acute knee or back injuries.

Springboard Pilates Mat Combo
Everything you love about a Pilates Mat class, with the added bonus of some Springboard! We will use the springboard intermittently in this class allowing for about 50% Pilates Mat and 50% Springboard! Its the best of both worlds and a great introduction to the Springboard if you are not ready to go full-on in a Springboard Pilates class.


Springboard Stretch

This class is designed to reconnect you with your body and your breath. This class will lead you through approximately 40 minutes of Pilates exercises, utilizing the Springboard apparatus, with a focus on meaningful core connection and healthy alignment. Followed by approximately 20 minutes slow, relaxing, deep stretches to leave you feeling ready to take on whatever comes next! 


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