After many months of battling the immense hardships that Covid-19 and the government restrictions have put on our studio we are incredibly sorry to announce that we are forced to close. We are devastated.


This decision comes after finding out last week that our landlords are putting our studio space up for sale. This news was the final straw that broke the preverbal camel's back.


To our community, our clients, and our teachers, we are so sorry. We did the best we could and held on for what was probably a little longer than we should have. We have exhausted and depleted every possible option available to us and opening another space in the near future is not an option. Here are some important details about what is to come.



Classes will run as planned in October and we plan to run a 3 week series in November as well, with all classes ending by November 21st so that we can use the remainder of November to clear out the studio. 



All passes, from the first day we opened until now, have always been final sale. We encourage you to use up your passes between now and November 21st if you desire to use them. We have only been selling pre-registered classes for over a year now. If you are holding passes that are unused class packs from Sept 2020 or earlier, we encourage you to use them over the next 7 weeks, otherwise they will expire and they may have already. If you are having trouble booking, please email us. Throughout the pandemic we have graciously extended passes whenever we could. We will no longer be able to extend passes or honour them after November 21st and we will not be offering refunds. 


Your purchases have made an incredible contribution to your community. They have kept teachers employed and made it so that much needed yoga, pilates, and movement classes were accessible during the pandemic. 


What's Next:

At this point, we truly do not know. Please know that we have tried everything reasonable to keep this space and that moving to another space right away is not available to us. All of our energy and efforts are going to be used to finishing our last 7 weeks well and to close our space with as much love in our hearts as we opened it. We hope there is some iteration of Stretch Collective in the future, but at this moment, we don't know what it is. Quite frankly, we are heartbroken and grieving. We have given this studio and community everything we have had since the day we dreamed it up 3 years ago. Our literal blood sweat and tears went into this space. We painted every inch of every wall by hand as we laughed and danced with joy at what the future would bring. No one saw COVID coming, and to end this way feels like we've been cheated. We will need some time to rest and recoup. 


Stretch Collective has been a labour of love, truly. It was born out of a desire to bring about a conscious and kind community and to help others improve their health. We were open less that 6 months before our first lockdown. The heart of Stretch Collective and the desire to help others remains. We hope to be able to offer something soon, even if it's small. 


We also know that this is not only a loss for us, but for the whole community. So many of you have shown us incredible love and support and we know so many of you will also ask how you can help, so we have prepared some answers.



How You Can Help:

1. Share your joyous story with us. Your kind words of how we have helped you and what Stretch Collective has meant to you, would mean the world to us right now when we feel like we've lost our hope, our purpose, and our future. 


2. Grieve with us. This is a loss for us all. We welcome your condolences, tears, and hugs (with consent). We are all losing an important community and movement resource. As our founders and instructors grieve, please avoid asking questions that make them defend or justify this closure. These wounds need to heal.


3. Make purchases. We recently stocked our retail sections FULL with beautiful practice supporting items many of which would make great gifts for the upcoming holiday season. Please continue to come to as many classes as you can and help us finish strong. We would love a large show of support for October and November. We will also be selling a lot of our studio equipment like bolsters, blocks, mats, springboards and reformers. More details and sign up sheets for this to come. 


Lastly, but most importantly, we are so grateful for you. We are grateful that you gave us the chance to realize our dream, to teach you, to breathe with you and to welcome you into our second home. We are grateful you stood by us through this pandemic as we could not have made it this far without you. Every single one of you matters to us. 


Thank you, 


Ashley, Dana, and the Stretch Collective team.