Your Instructor Certifications


In order to renew you must abide my our Code of conduct and complete your continuing education requirements.


All of our Teaching Certifications at Stretch Collective Institute have a three year expiry on the certificates. All of our Teacher Training courses across all modalities require you to complete a minimum standard of continuing education per three year period and abide by our code of ethics. 

Teachers who have active certifications are eligible to be on our list of recommended trainees from our institute. If the continuing education hours are not met the certificate will not be renewed. If you have questions about any of the standards listed below you may reach us at

Maintaining Certification - Must Renew Every 3 years

  • Abide by the Dana Carter and/or Stretch Collective Code of Ethics

  • Teach safe and inclusive classes

  • In order to re-certify, you must complete 80 hours of continuing education every three years consisting of a minimum 45 teaching hours and 35 Continuing Education hours. Your continuing education hours must be composed of:

    • ​​​​​​Minimum 15 contact hours (in person or LIVE Zoom with an approved instructor)

    • Up to 20 hours can be non-contact learning. Example Online (not-live courses), or other approved continuing education.

    • No more than 10 hours of non-contact learning may be self study (example books, attending classes etc)

    • IMPORTANT - If you are certifying in any advanced Pilates Apparatus (Chair, Springboard, Ladderbarrel, and Cadillac) you must add another 2 hours of non-contact or contact learning for every additional apparatus. Max Required is an additional 8 contact or non-contact hours for comprehensively trained Pilates instructors.

  • I understand that any awarded certification from Dana Carter and/or Stretch Collective expires every 3 years and must be renewed in order to continue teaching and be eligible for insurance.