Pilates Springboard

Teacher Training

Stretch Collective’s Pilates Springboard training is the only of its kind. The springboard is a versatile and challenging piece of Pilates equipment. The Springboard is a space-saving and affordable piece of Pilates equipment based off elements of the Cadilac which provides a full body work out, challenges strength and stability and makes for a fun and challenging group class. 


In order to receive a certificate for this course, you must already be certified in Pilates Mat Level 1 with Stretch Collective. All students are welcome to join, but only those who meet the prerequisites and pass the course will be certified.


For this course, we will be working from the original Springboard manual, written by the Springboard creator Ellie Herman.


Pilates Springboard Curriculum Outline:

  • A review of Stretch Collective Six Essential principles and their relations to the springboard

  • A review of Stretch Collective Philosophy

  • A review of BACKS Cueing method

  • a review and progression of Stretch Collective Progressive Teaching Technique

  • Sequencing for group classes

  • Effective communication and cueing

  • 70 + Springboard specific exercises + modifications and variations



Next Course: 

  • Location: Stretch Collective (127-2745 Veterans Memorial Parkway)

  • Length: Four Friday afternoons - 20 hours




  • Fridays in January (5 hour days)

  • Times: 11 - 4:30 pm



  • January 10, 17, 24, & 31, 2020


You Will Receive:

  • Stretch Collective six essential principles handouts

  • Anatomy handouts

  • A lent copy of Ellie Herman's Pilates Springboard while you are taking the course

  • In-class teaching time to refine your skills

  • Written quizzes and tests to guarantee your understanding

  • A certificate of completion

  • Options to teach real students in our alumni led classes and receive feedback


Program Cost:

  • $389 tax included. for our Inaugural course at Stretch Collective! (Later courses  $589) - including a $250 non-refundable deposit 



Additional Costs:

  • None, although we encourage you to purchase a copy of Ellie Herman's Pilates Springboard Manual for your own future use and reference. 



To Successfully Complete the Program You Must Achieve the Following:

  • Complete all in class activities

  • Participate in all teaching, classes and lecture time

  • Complete all homework prior to receiving your certificate

  • Pass your final anatomy exam with 80% or higher

  • Pass your final practicum with 80% or higher

  • Abide by our Pilates Code of Ethics