Studio Etiquette and Covid-19 Policy Updates


We understand that typical studio culture can be toxic and are striving to create a new, inclusive, and healthy space for all people. We aim to share the message of body neutrality and body positivity whenever we can and ask that you join us by:

- Refraining from commenting on peoples bodies 

 (ie, if their weight, size, or shape has changed whether you think it a good change or a bad one). There are many reasons a body could change that have nothing to do with fitness such as disordered eating, grief, mental health, and the list goes on. To avoid shaming or complimenting an unseen illness, just don't say anything. If you feel you want to give a compliment choose something like "you look vibrant today", "it's so great to see you" or "I love that shirt on you". 


- Refraining from diet talk. Many of our team and clients are recovering from eating disorders. Please help make our space safe for them but not talking about diets.  

- Referring to people how they ask you to refer to them. Use their desired pronouns and desired name. If you don't know, just ask. A little goes a long way when it comes to acceptance. 

- Remembering that we never really know what someone is going through. Be kind and be courteous.

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Masks are recommended in all common areas before and after class. You are not required to wear a mask during your class, but we recommend you do until you are fully vaccinated.

  • If sick or someone you live with is sick, has a cough, fever, or sore throat please do not attend.

  • If you have traveled outside of Canada, please do not attend the studio for 14 days. Please stay home and self isolate.

  • Masks are recommended but optional at all classes. Please do not speak moistly upon others. ;)

  • The use of gloves will not be permitted in class or studio due to safety concerns.

  • We will be sanitizing the studio, all high touch surfaces, and all solid props between classes using a hospital-grade disinfectant that is certified by EPA. We will also provide you with a spray bottle of disinfectant to use.

  • Please bring your own water bottle and try to fill it before you arrive. We do have a touchless water bottle filling station but no cups will be provided.

  • Soft props (ie. Blankets, Bolsters, etc) will be provided and are "use at your own risk". They are not washed between participants. 

  • Washrooms are accessible before and after class

  • We no longer have drop-ins for classes. Please do not show up and hope to get in. Single sessions are bookable up to 2 hours in advance of the class start time. Within 2 hours of the class start time, no bookings will be allowed. 

  • Classes can be booked as 4-week pre-registered series (best price) or single sessions. Single sessions are bookable up to two hours before the start of the class.

  • There is an updated waiver that must be signed before you will be allowed to attend any classes.

  • Mats are once again available to rent

  • We continue to limit our capacity to err on the side of caution. We are relying on our teachers to take on more before and after-class responsibilities. As a result, all of our classes are now 55 minutes long (unless otherwise labeled). We have also increased our teacher's wages to reflect these new challenges. 

  • The reformers and springboards will have vinyl, wipeable loops, and are able to be fully sanitized. 

  • Instructors will not be offering hands-on adjustments until the Province of BC enters Phase 4.

  • Clients will be asked to do their own spring changes on all equipment.

  • Bolsters, blankets, foam ship blocks, straps, cork blocks, etc are available for use but please bring your own if you can. 

Minimizing Risk:

In Class Changes:

Purchases and Accounts:

  • Classes are only offered in a preregistered, 4 weeks series format and attendance of all 4 classes is expected. 

  • No refunds on class purchases - account credits only.

  • Please be patient with us as we slowly rebuild our team. We hope to be able to offer easy retail shopping again soon. 

  • If there are retail items you would like to purchase, please tell your instructor after class and they can set them aside for you. We will arrange the purchase with you and have them ready to go home with you at your next class.

  • For all account issues or inquiries please email us at info@stretchcollective.ca we will correspond via email or arrange a phone call.


      Accounts with remaining Punch Passes and Drop-ins as of March 2020 closure:
      • Remaining class passes can be used at par (ie. 4 passes = 1 pre-registered 4-week series) please email us at info@stretchcollective.ca to have these converted. 

      • These can also be used as single sessions.

Illness or Cancelled Classes

  • In the event of teacher illness and no suitable substitute can be found, classes will be canceled. This is to ensure community safety and prevent the spreading of COVID-19, this in line with BC Provincial guidelines.

  • In the event of class(es) being canceled due to instructor illness, the dollar value of the missed classes will be applied to your account for future use.  No refunds will be issued. You may also be able to attend a make up class. Please email us to find out if there is class space available.

  • There are NO cancellation fees for classes if you are sick; keep your community safe, and stay home. Account credits can be added for any missed classes due to illness.

  • If you miss a class with no notice (no show, or show up sick, or do not pass screening test at the door) you will lose that class credit. If you provide 5 hours notice or are suddenly ill you may receive a class credit on your account.

Arrival and Exit Procedures

  • For the time being, there will be no front desk staff, please be patient with us as we rebuild our team. The instructor will be there to welcome you. Please refrain from asking account questions. Instead, please email your questions to info@stretchcollective.ca and we will help you via email or arrange a phone call.

  • Shower facilities are not currently available for use.

  • We will resume offering shoe or coat storage in the lobby. 

  • We will resume providing recycling for all outside containers (ie. coffee cup, water bottle, etc). We are still a zero waste facility and encourage you to reduce your use of single-use items or bring them home with you. 

  • Food/drink will soon be available for purchase.

  • Friends and family members who are not attending class are not permitted to wait in the lobby or visit. 

  • Only bring what you need for class! Try to minimize personal objects like purses, bags, etc. Whenever possible, leave them in your car or at home.

  • You must come and stay for the entire scheduled class.

  • When You Arrive:

    • Please arrive 5 - 15 minutes early. The studio doors will remain locked until the teacher is ready to let you in. Your teachers will sign you into class.

    • Your Instructor will have the required props set out on their mat. Please collect your props and wait on your mat/Reformer until the class begins. Please also collect a sanitizer spray and cloth for your props.

    • Late class entry will not be permitted, the studio is locked once class starts.

    • You will be screened at the door, be prepared to answer a few quick questions. 

    • Once through screening, please wash or sanitize your hands.

    • You may leave your personal items such as shoes and bags in the foyer, the studio will be locked once class starts.

    • There are no marked stations. Please choose a place that works for both you and the teacher. Be courteous to your neighbours and ensure everyone is comfortable with their personal space. 

    • Please check yourself in on your phone using the Mindbody app or verbally with your teacher.

    • The instructor will have sanitization equipment and props set out for you. Feel free to sanitize your props before class begins.​

  • When Class is Over:

    • At the end of class, sanitize your area and props and place them neatly back where you found them.

    • You are free to leave when the class is over.