Professional Movement Educator Certification

This course is a prerequisite for all of our other courses: Pilates, Barre, and Yoga.

If you have taken Dana Carter Fitness Courses in the past you MAY be exempt. If you are extensively trained in anatomy, movement philosophy, and business you may be able to challenge part or all of the courses.

The PMEC Course (Professional Movement Educator Certification) Is a prerequisite for all of our other courses: Pilates, Barre, and Yoga. The PMEC is made up of four independent modules that can be taken on their own for continuing education or together and provide the PMEC certification.



  • ​Anatomy Course Level 1 (16 hours)

  • Movement Principles Course (10 hours)

  • Kinaesthetic History (5 hours)

  • Business Essentials Course (10 hours)



Course Information: 

  • Location: Stretch Collective (127-2745 Veterans Memorial Parkway)

  • Length: 41 hours


Dates and times:


​Anatomy Course Level 1 (16 hours)

  • March 13th & 14th  (2-6 pm)

  • March  27th & 28th (2-6 pm)


Movement Principles Course (10 hours)

  • April 24th & 25th (1-6 pm)

Kinaesthetic History (5 hours)

  • May 9th (1 - 6 pm)

Business Essentials Course (10 hours)

  • May 22nd & May 23rd (1 - 6 pm)


You Will Receive:

  • Training specific to each module

  • In-class activities 

  • Written quizzes and tests to guarantee your understanding

  • A detailed final practicum review for your further growth and refinement

  • A certificate of completion


Program Cost:


​Anatomy Course Level 1 

  • $320.00

  • Plus Trail Guide to The Body Book

Movement Principles Course 

  • $200.00

  • Plus Stretch Collective Manual $49.00

Kinaesthetic History 

  • $100

Business Essentials Course 

  • $200






To Successfully Complete the Program You Must Achieve the Following:

  • Complete all in-class activities

  • Participate in all classes, and lecture time

  • Complete all homework prior to receiving your certificate(s)

  • Pass your final anatomy exam with 80% or higher

  • Pass your final proficiency exam with 80% or higher

  • Abide by our Code of Ethics


Maintaining Certification - Must Renew Every 3 years

  • Maintain the Dana Carter and/or Stretch Collective Code of Ethics

  • Teach safe and inclusive classes

  • I understand that any awarded certification from Dana Carter and/or Stretch Collective expires every 3 years and must be renewed in order to continue teaching and be eligible for insurance.

  • In order to re-certify, you must complete 80 hours of continuing education every three years consisting of a minimum of 45 teaching hours and 35 Continuing Education Hours. Your continuing education hours must be composed of:

    • ​​​​​​Minimum 15 contact hours (in person or LIVE Zoom with an approved instructor)
    • Up to 20 hours can be non-contact learning. Example Online (not-live courses), or other approved continuing education.

    • No more than 10 hours of non-contact learning may be self-study (for example books, and attending classes)

    • IMPORTANT - If you are certifying in any advanced Pilates Apparatus (Chair, Springboard, Ladderbarrel, and Cadillac) you must add another 2 hours of non-contact or contact learning for every additional apparatus. Max Required is an additional 8 contact or non-contact hours for comprehensively trained Pilates instructors.