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Co-Founder • Master Teacher Trainer • Movement Educator • Pilates • Barre • Fitness • Yoga

Dana Carter is a self-professed anatomy nerd and Movement Educator who has been practicing regularly for the last 20 years.


Her passion led her to pursue a career as a Physiotherapy Assistant, Clinical Pilates instructor, Barre, Fitness, Yoga teacher and eventually a teacher trainer. She is dedicated to continuously expanding and refining her skills as both a practitioner and teacher. Her love of learning has led her to study the body extensively including human anatomy, Pilates mat and apparatus, Zenga, Barre, weight and personal training. 


Dana has helped hundreds of individuals from around the world reach their dreams of becoming fitness Instructors. Currently, she is the Program Director of Pilates Mat, Apparatus, Barre and Yoga teacher trainings at Stretch Collective. She also offers continuing education credits for Yoga Alliance certified teachers.


In Dana’s classes, you can expect a creative, safe and effective sequencing of exercises provided in a progressive way to encourage you to grow in your practice. Dana’s playful personality and passion for Pilates and Yoga are infectious. She meets you where you are now and inspires you to explore your full potential.


When she is not on the mat you can find Dana writing, with her nose buried in a book and spending time with her family.

Pronouns: She/her/hers



Co-Founder  • Director • Movement Educator • Pilates • Yoga  • Reiki • Blissology

Ashley’s career first started when she fell in love with yoga in her teens. She was immediately entranced by the effects of joining movement and breath.


A few years later Ashley discovered Pilates and it naturally became part of her practice. She has now been practicing both yoga and Pilates for over 12 years. Ashley’s desire to help people connect to their bodies and improve their health led her to attain RYT 200 certificate from Feel Good Yoga and Pilates and the Yoga Alliance in 2016.

The following year Ashley completed a Pilates Teacher Training with Dana Carter Fitness and Shelbourne Physiotherapy. This program had an emphasis on the rehabilitative benefits of Pilates with special attention shown to injuries and illnesses.


Ashley has a passion for assisting those with injuries, illnesses or chronic pain with learning to find safe and healthy movement patterns. Ashley’s focus is to deliver whole-body healing and a full workout while providing modified options for pain-free movement.

Pronouns: She/her/hers

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Ashley McLaren

Yoga, Pilates, and Barre Instructor

Ashley is a full-time yoga, pilates, barre and fitness instructor in the city with 7 plus years of experience in the fitness industry. Fitness has always been a part of her life as she grew up dancing tap, jazz, and ballet. She moved into group fitness and yoga classes as a young adult and decided to pursue it as a career once she realized her passion was to share her love of fitness with the community and help others reach their goals and better their lives.


Ashley is a firm believer that we must first take care of ourselves in order to care for anyone else in our lives. When we allow ourselves to find what makes us feel strong and empowered, what lights our soul on fire, we are able to carry that out into the world and help support those around us.


In Ashley’s class you can expect a fun, multi-leveled, challenging, creative and safe workout. Ashley emphasizes listening to your body by finding your limits and pushing them in a safe manner with a focus on form. Ashley knows that fitness is not only about the physical but also about the mental and is committed to supporting her clients and participants in every facet of their fitness journey.

Pronouns: She/her/hers

Assumpta Murphy

Yoga Instructor

Assumpta initially considered yoga as a physical practice but as she continued realized that practicing yoga had become so much more to her. It was the spiritual side of yoga, the philosophy, Sanskrit, mantras, mudras, that beckoned her back to her practice again and again. She views Yoga as a journey of exploration, to be undertaken one breath at a time. Yoga is her hearts passion and it felt like home.


Assumpta has undergone many trainings over the years to refine her personal practice and teaching. She is deeply grateful to her teachers for their inspiration, encouragement and for the wisdom and knowledge they have so generously shared with her. A handful of her inspiring teachers are Laura Phelps, Esther Ekhart, Tracey Uber Cook, Sabrina Mesko, and Bernie Clarke.


Assumpta offers classes that are infused with the wonder and wisdom of nature, the cycles of life and the joy of coming home to oneself. You can expect the asana practice to be woven around intentions. Classes with Assumpta feel like a warm hug for your soul. You can expect working with the elements, breath, mudras, strengthening, stretching, balancing, all with emphasis on combining breath and movement.

Pronouns: She/her/hers

Mykaela Ploegman

Pilates Instructor

Certified since 2012, Mykaela is a Stott Pilates instructor from Whitehorse, Yukon. She enjoys helping students feel more comfortable in their bodies and loves how Pilates helps people learn how to move effectively and efficiently, improving daily life.


You can expect a very welcoming, positive atmosphere with no judgements in her classes. She wants to make sure to give an energizing work out but also to take things slow enough that students fully understand the intention behind the exercises. Most of all, Mykaela hopes for people to view their Pilates practise as not just exercise, but self care and an investment in their long term health.


Outside of her work as a Pilates instructor, Mykaela has a passion for natural medicine, the outdoors, is an animal lover, a photographer and a raw vegan chef. Join her for a mindful Pilates session that will leave you happy and more in tune with your body!

Pronouns: She/her/hers

Nicole Schulz

Yoga instructor and Yin Yoga Teacher Trainer

Nicole is a Master Teacher Trainer of Yin Yoga and feels that the sentence, “I teach for the love of teaching, from the heart.” Describes her best. She started teaching in 2004 with step, aerobic and toning classes. After an injury, she discovered the benefits of yoga and loved it!


She went on to become a certified BodyBalance/BodyFlow™ teacher (a unique blend of Tai Chi, Yoga & Pilates) in 2007. Nicole’s love of learning leaves her with too many trainings and workshops to list! Her Yin Yoga teacher trainings were powerfully transformative and changed everything for her! A handful of her many trainings include:


•    RYT-200 hour Yoga Teacher Training South Okanagan Yoga Academy 

•    RYT-500 as a Wholistic Ayurvedic Therapeutic Yoga Teacher 

•    Yin Yoga Training with Michael Taylor

•    Yin Yoga Certification with Bernie Clark's

•    iRest® Yoga Nidra training developed by Dr. PHD Richard Miller 


Motivated and supported by family, friends, and yogis, she began offering Yin Yoga Trainings in 2015 to the yoga community. Growth is ever-present as research constantly reveals so many new, brilliant facts about fascia and connective tissue! Currently, she is a practicing E-RYT500 teacher and YACEP for Yoga Alliance, meaning Continuing Education Provider. She shares her knowledge and immeasurable passion by leading classes, workshops and trainings around the world!

Pronouns: She/her/hers

Eve Carty

Yoga Instructor

Eve has been practicing yoga for over 20 years, and took her practice to the next level by completing her Hatha Yoga Teacher Training Program and her Aerial Yoga certification in 2014. From there, she has completed various other training programs to complement her yoga and aerial fitness classes.


She aims to make her classes fresh, uplifting and fun for all levels. She is friendly, approachable and takes great care with creating a safe and comfortable environment for all her students. She loves sharing the joy of yoga and aerial fitness with each and every student that she meets along the way.  


She believes in yoga for life – taking every opportunity to weave the tools and practices of yoga that she has learned into her daily life. She is always looking for ways to deepen her practice and expand her study of yoga by continuously learning – not only from other teachers and colleagues but also from students.

Pronouns: She/her/hers

Irena Gurseckii

Pilates and Yoga Instructor

Irena was immediately drawn to yoga when she found respite in the practice that was simultaneously grounding and uplifting. Yoga is a practice that cultivates wellness through awareness. By learning to tune in to her movements, thoughts, breath, and emotions, she found a way to come home to herself and her body. Irena's formal education, professional background, and yoga practice have expanded her breadth of knowledge in cognition, movement, and the intimate relationship between the body and mind. In 2014, she completed yoga teacher training and has since been teaching yoga classes and specialty workshops across Canada. Most recently, she completed Pilates Mat and Pilates Reformer training with Stretch Collective. She aim to be a lifelong learner of movement, wellness, consciousness, and connectivity. Irena's goal is to hold space for students of all shapes and abilities to experience connection, pleasure, and comfort in their bodies through mindful movement. 

Pronouns: She/her/hers

Kyla Gagnon

Yoga Instructor

Kyla has been teaching fitness internationally for 15 years. 

Having practiced yoga for 8 years on and off she decided it was time to add this to her teaching offerings and in 2018 Kyla spent a month in Bali training under Eoin Finn, Blissology Yoga.


You can find her teaching yoga and fitness retreats in Bali and Greece in the spring of 2020, snuggling her dog and anyone else’s that happens to walk by. Often found sipping her iced Espresso, planning her next adventure or heading out into nature.


Kyla’s classes are a mix of hard work and earned rest and recovery. Laughter and maybe some tears (yoga specific lol the workouts won’t spark tears ).

Pronouns: She/her/hers

Dawson Gronnestad

Barre Instructor

Born and raised in beautiful Victoria BC, Dawson comes from an active lifestyle growing up with an extensive background in dance. She started practicing Yoga at the age of 15 to improve flexibility and strength but fell in love with the peace and playfulness it brought into her life. In April 2019 Dawson completed a 200hr Hatha Yoga teacher training in Bali. Later that year she embarked on the journey to deepen her practices which led her to complete the Barre teacher training at Stretch Collective.


Dawson learned at a young age that she had a passion for music and expression through movement. She encourages authenticity and self-acceptance both on and off the mat. In Dawson’s class, you can expect a balance of high energy, technical guidance and freedom for students to embrace their inner strength.

Pronouns: She/her/hers

Joey (Dara) Debin

Pilates Instructor

Dara is a BC born femme person who fell in love with Pilates early in life. Certified and teaching on Vancouver island for over 5 years, he has developed a knack for delivering intense and layered workouts to the beat of the music. Dara uses his skilled ear as a DJ to match movements and sequences to rhythms and mixes. He exudes energy, encouragement and collective achievement, and loves watching his students reach new bench marks. 

Join Dara for our newest edition to the schedule called Pilates to the Beat. You will love this pumped-up super fun take on our typical Pilates Mat class. It is sure to make you smile and sweat!

Pronouns: he/him/his

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